Application Performance Management

AppDynamics is the only "new generation" solution within the APM, which provides a simple full visibility over business transactions, an effective support to the resolution of the problems, a large scalability applicable to all types of infrastructure, including virtual and "cloud" ones.

Web based applications distributed, have grown steadily their business criticality for the fundamental role of services in support of business.
The new architectures such as Java,. NET, SOA and open source offered new potential IT organizations, making the whole process of development faster, cheaper and qualitative.
In this way, IT organizations have become more reactive compared to the dynamism of the requests that come from the business units, whose level of market competitiveness is often linked to the release of new application features. The rise of virtualized and cloud technologies has also created new avenues for further application delivery and dynamic management of the potentialities of the infrastructure.

If it's true that innovation in this area has brought many advantagesis just as true that the complexity involved in the new architectures has created new challenges for IT Operation that must be able to deal with to ensure proper quality of service provided:

Distributed applications are increasingly difficult to monitor and performance problems are more and more difficult to identify and diagnose, while tolerance for the Troubleshooting is reduced due to the critical nature of the services related to applications.
Distributed applications are subject to constant change in order to support new business functionalities.

The problem resolution is often associated with the activation of a collaborative process ever more extended that involves both operating units both application development units.
The traditional instruments of application performance monitoring are not able to respond to the particularities of the new architectures both in terms of end-to-end, both in terms of
insight of the most critical components.
To help organizations providing an adequate response to these challenges, "Energent Products Division"offers a solution based on AppDynamics technology, produced by the leader company in Application Performance Monitoring (APM).

AppDynamics is the only "new generation" solution in APM scope which provides in a simple way full visibility over business transactions, an effective support to the problem resolution, having a wide scalability applicable to all types of infrastructure, including virtual and the "cloud" ones.
Unlike traditional solutions, AppDynamics allows IT organizations to monitor the complete flow of business transactions solving performance problems without having to resort to complex, time-consuming and especially onerous implementations.

Main features

Here are the main features of the solution AppDynamics:

Application Mapping - the solution allows a dynamic discovery and a full mapping of business transactions. Using an intuitive approach and a visual interface, AppDynamics allows you to "light up" application architecture, highlighting the relationships established between the different services.

Policy Engine - the solution allows to verify the compliance of the performance of the business transactions to service level commitments.
The  policy accuracy  together with the capacity of product determine automatically the alarm thresholds, avoiding the generation of false alarms, making the  troubleshooting the most efficient and effective.

Transaction Flow Monitoring - the solution allows, through the previously prepared dashboard, to
reduce the time for the identification and resolution of problems.

Deep Diagnostic - the solution considerably reduces the time in problem resolution, supporting the diagnosis of processes aimed at determining the "root causes" that are the origin of the same. AppDynamics provides complete visibility of all classes and application methods that have an influence on the application performance, even in production environments.
Cloud Orchestration - the solution allows to maintain complete and consistent visibility in business transactions even when they operate in virtual or cloud environments.
This unique AppDynamics feature allows to use the full potential of the infrastructure, optimizing available resources and avoiding problems that occur oversizing inevitably with traditional infrastructure, where the dimensioning is done with respect to usage peaks.

AppDynamics is a solution that allows to:

Protect the performance of distributed and web-based applications, reducing the potential disruption of applications that are critical for the business.

Adopt a more proactive and more effective attitude, thanks to the automatic definition of alert thresholds, allowing to focus on the real problems.

Ensure compliance with the service level commitments, improving the final user satisfaction.

Reduce the time of identification and resolution of problems, with improved efficiency and effectiveness of IT Operations.

Increase visibility and control over applications and then, with a discovery and mapping of the relationships between the various application services, and this even when the applications
are developed externally.

Take as much advantage as possible from virtual and cloud infrastructure, resulting in a
optimized IT resources use, by using a sizing based on the real needs rather that a dimensioning based on the usage peaks.