Data Management

Data Management

Through technology CoSort you can manage and transform large amounts of data, use the information in the right time and protect data considered confidential. The modern enterprises are undoubtedly a major producer of data and information; growth and proliferation had one hand on the availability of technological resources, more and more powerful and cheaper and cheaper, the other by the spread of use of the web, which has simplified and sped up the exchange.
Information and data are now invaluable to any company, value is often not directly related to the nature of the data itself but its meaning and the ability to use it within the time and in the most appropriate. The same data can in fact become a question of great value or, if used improperly, become a potential risk to make bad decisions or inadequate. The overproduction of data and information fact hides some pitfalls, such as that of not being able to use them with the same speed with which, almost all the time, these are generated, used, processed, aggregated.

Manage the volume according to the expectations and timing dictated by the needs of the business, however, is possible. To do this "Energet products Division" has established a partnership with IRI CoSort, a leading provider of solutions for Data Manipulation & Data Management. The technological solutions to address these needs IRI CoSort offering the ability to manage and transform large amounts of data.

IRI CoSort with its solutions allow you to manage and transform large amounts of data, often stored in formats not easy to use, with the goal of improving the timing of availability of information, simplify management processes, securing critical information, and optimize costs by managing such a data subject to change, or speeding up processes ETL or data reorganization. IRI CoSort is the right solution for:
ETL / DB Acceleration
Sort Replacements
BI / Batch Reporting
File Compare / CDC
Oracle Unload / Reload
Data Manipulation
Data Migration
Data Governance
Data Masking / AES
Data Synthesis

Company formed in 1978 to address the problems of data management in open environments, today IRI CoSort boasts numerous alliances with leading vendors in the market who have solutions for the storage and processing of data. Many customers who have chosen solutions IRI CoSort and that utilize the advantages offered to improve the ability to provide data and information in line with the times and the needs of both business and transactions that use them, ensuring compliance compliance with security policies and data privacy.

Optimizing BI Performance
BI applications, created to offer a graphical presentation and analytical data, often require a heavy processing tasks and analyzes that often involves large volumes of data to analyze. The solution SortCL is able to intervene making faster the preparation phase of the construction process of the data, thus improving response time, reliability and presentation of BI applications and those reporting, allowing to:
Speed up the BI tools and reporting solutions
• Analyze web log also of enormous size
Segmenting customer data
• Capture only the data subject to change
Protect sensitive data during their use.

Data Governance
The need to manage and protect data manifests itself in many circumstances, both when they are transported, processed and cleaned both when they are prepared to be analyzed or to be sent to the BI applications. The Flagship solution allows you to focus on just one of these processes, thus providing a solution of Governance simple, transparent and compliant, thus avoiding to add further levels of complexity, and impact performance and data availability. The solution allows you to:
Protect sensitive data with a system of encryption based on single data
Solve the problem of test data
Improve the quality and data security
Expediting the Customer Data Integration (CDI)
Allow Audit data and applications.

High Volume Data Transformation
The different processing activities from the data, which today are vastly used by both ETL tool that custom programs, often suffer from problems of performance and excessive maintenance costs. The solution SortCL helps improve performance by making faster all activities involving large Data Warehouse, Operational Data Store and Clickstream Data WEBHOUSE. This means making activities of joins, aggregation of files of enormous size, reorganization of DB, activities Search or Merge at the highest levels of performance. SortCL can be used to speed up the processing of large volumes of data even when carried out by ETL tools from leading vendors of the market as Informatica and IBM.

ETL & DB Acceleration
The ETL tool are increasingly specialized in the design of extraction processes and in the mapping of the data, rather than in the handling and processing of large amounts of data. Same thing for the DB-oriented by nature to the storage and recovery of data. All this to the detriment of the duration of some activities that include sort, joins, and aggregations of large or loading activities, analysis and query large amounts of data. The solution SortCL is able to solve these problems by allowing you to:
Improve the performance of multiple tasks simultaneously data transformation, even on large files
Speed up the processing activities of the ETL tool
• Optimizing activities Unload, Load and Reorg
Create DB and data tests for the ETL tool.

Field Protection
Protect data considered confidential or those that enable the identification of the person, today is a touchy subject and of great importance. Make sure this information is necessary not only for compliance with the regulations, but also to prevent outsourcing company may make an incorrect use, ensuring their full use is still in the process of preparation and the presentation.

The solution FieldShield protects the information in the DB and the Flat File up to the level of the individual data, with the following actions:
Encryption and Decryption
Anonymization and Pseudonymization
De-identification and Re-identification
Redaction (removing the columns).

Test Data & File
The data and files used for testing must, because the activity of the test to be effective, it reflects the real data. Generate files or reports containing factual information, protecting the values contained in the ideal range, and of course by loading large amounts, can turn into a business extremely laborious and costly, both in terms of time and money. The solution RowGen allows to generate in a single step many test files in a multitude of formats. Rowgen can be used on the main DB and application packages to create tables with realistic data and with the correct referentiality integrated, and so popular DB, Flat File and Data Warehouse.