Real-Time Web

Real-Time Web

Kaazing WebSocket Gateway enables companies to quickly create a new class of web applications with a fully interactive data access truly real-time. This way KWG guarantees net improvement of the user experience, simplifying the development process and reduce costs of infrastructure back-end in the creation of applications that require bi-directional communications, high performance.
Many modern business applications conveyed through the Internet have the need to achieve a form of communication that is actually real-time, with a latency close to zero.
Internet users today have high expectations with respect to the need to achieve a truly bi-directional communication and this in a variety of business contexts where the concept of real time is increasingly stressed. Until now, the only way to meet this kind of need has been to continue to invest substantial resources both to strengthen the technological infrastructure, acquiring large amounts of server, both to develop the software extremely personalized and therefore not reusable in other areas. The result has resulted in increased management complexity of the environment and in greater defectiveness of the software developed. A framework of limited effectiveness but also reduced efficiency.

This is because the traditional web architectures were not designed for a communication that was truly real-time. These architectures have been realized with an approach centered on documents and on a typical request-response communication: a browser, a server, a page at a time. An approach that has met effectively what were the needs of Internet users in the past 15 years, but that now seems totally inadequate in addressing the need for new business.

To meet these needs, "Energent Products Division" offers the market a solution of "Real-Time Web Communication", characterized by an innovative and patented technology of "WebSocket acceleration" that can enable companies to quickly create a new class fully interactive web applications and data accessed authentically real time. This solution is based on technology Kaazing WebSocket Gateway (KWG) produced by the company Kaazing, technology partner "Energent Products Division."

The team that founded Kaazing has solid experience in developing applications "open standard", and contributed directly to the definition of the protocol specification "HTML5 WebSocket", which are the basis of the new prospects opened up in the world of Web applications.

KWG can connect hundreds of thousands of concurrent users directly and in real time to the data that flow within a business organization. Avoiding incurring the phenomena of overhead and latency typical of the HTTP protocol, KWG provides bi-directional communication web that meets performance criteria particularly high.

Here are some of the most important benefits you get through KWG:
Dramatically improve the user experience thanks to the full interactivity and the availability of the data in real time, without the use of plug-in
• Enable the Web applications Client-Server existing
Significantly reduce operational costs
Simplify Web architecture minimizing the layering process
Extend the scalability of existing applications without having to acquire new infrastructure resources
Support a truly global population of users, maintaining a high degree of availability and without any degradation of service
Reduce the complexity of implementing a disaster recovery solution for applications that require a 100% uptime.

Here are some of the most important characteristics of KWG:
Connect hundreds of thousands competing web client, directly to data in real-time
Ensure high performance and a bi-directional communication truly full-duplex
Allow access to updates on the content without the need to make the "refresh" of the Web page
Distribute the load dynamically control the cluster with a very granular
Offer reliability and resilience of enterprise
• Support all browser technologies and quickly integrate any existing messaging system, enabling them to HTML5
Provide functions (eg. TIBCO EMS, WebSphere MQ, 29West, Openfire, Active MQ, RabbitMQ ...), advanced security and single sign-on capability
Provide management functions and monitoring.