Research & Development

In the Energent offices in Milan, Rome and Naples are active Research & Development centers.

The research and development activity is at the heart of Energent, in particular in the headquarters of Naples is the project for eHealthNet, a consortium company that aims to undertake appropriate initiatives to build an integrated research network, experimentation, training and dissemination, implementing innovative outputs related to goods and services related to the public and private health sector, encouraging the start-up and spin-off. It is a laboratory supported by a wide partnership of both public and private companies, including large companies such as Engineering, Research bodies such as the CNR, the University of Naples, Frederick II and Salerno.

The project called "Medical Social Media Search" developed by the team of professionals working at the headquarters in Naples, consists in ensuring the organization of the information transmitted by the specialists, in addition to advanced search functions. In the first phase the specialists through a’interface will load the care experiences within the system. These shall be subjected to:

  •        expert evaluation (scientific relevance);
  •        personal enrichment (carried out by the engine).


The system will assign to the care experience an AVG SCORE based on different award criteria (see Table1) and it will be possible to perform a search for“matching images” (image retrieval).

The solution is connected to a relational database for data storage, while the indexing is carried out by elastic Search, engine based on Apache lights. At the state of elastic art Search stands among the most powerful open source search engines.


The archived care experience can thus be searched by users in different ways:

  •         distance search (filter radius km)
  •         research by topic
  •         search for“matching images”

With the help of Social Media Analysis it will be possible to visualize in the research the latest social trends in biomedical field, sorted by relevance, topic, geolocation.