Security Engineering

The team of Security Engineering delivers to its customers solutions "turnkey" based on the best technologies of the market or from the Open Source world.

Particular attention is paid to the integration between the components proposed, and those already present in the infrastructure of the customer, with a strong emphasis on cost containment and not renouncing introduce components developed ad hoc, when such development is useful, convenient and shared by the customer.

The activities of the team covers the main areas of technology required today by ICT Security and especially the implementation of measures for the protection of infrastructure and networks, the security operation and platforms of identity and access management.


Infrastructure and network protection

The security of the business is realized starting from corporate, systems, from applications and internal network.

The Security Offering meets the needs of its customers by allowing them:

• to check very effectively the security level of IT infrastructure with activities Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test, performed by experienced and highly qualified;
• to identify the steps needed to remedy the vulnerabilities detected;
• to carry out the projects planned;
• to keep under constant review the level of security infrastructure with appropriate tools.

The proposed solutions covering the entire scope of issues concerning the security of the ICT infrastructure:

Secure networks: development of secure networks, next generation firewall, intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention;

Remote access systems: implementation of IPsec and SSL VPN;

Secure access to networks: 802.1x and NAC;

Authentication systems: implementation of systems Radius authentication, LDAP, Active Directory;

Strong Authentication: realization of systems of systems for strong authentication based on One-Time-Password with hardware token or based on the use of telephone terminals (SIM-based authentication, SMS Token, EAP-SIM);

Content Security: Web Filtering, Antivirus, Antispam;

Public Key Infrastructure: construction of infrastructure for digital signature and public key cryptography;

Security Operation

The experience obtained over the years by its staff as part of the Security Operation Center allows Energent today to propose an offer cutting edge, which accompanies its customers both in the design and implementation of the platforms necessary to SOC, both in their management.

Energent is able to offer its customers highly qualified analysts, able to manage the security of organizations of considerable size after years of experience in leading SOC on the national territory.

The proposal Energent within the Security Operation Center covers the design and construction of the main platforms in use in SOC:

Vulnerability and Compliance Management Systems: along the recurrent Vulnerability Assessment, carried out at the request of its customers, Energent Security is able to provide tools for centralized management and automated vulnerability and compliance. These tools allow you to always have control of the risk status of its assets;

Security Event Management Systems: Energent staff working for years with leading SIEM market, and is able to assist its clients in the design, installation, commissioning and configuration, integration of sources, and in the production of report to management;

Log Management & Activity Monitoring: such platforms have become of considerable importance in recent years, both for the need to maintain compliance with the safety standards (SOX, ISO 27001, etc ..), and, above all, to meet the requirements imposed by the legislature (by way of example only think to registration logical access to system administrators imposed by the Privacy);

Network Situational Awareness: increasingly felt the need now is to have a complete view of what is happening on the network at any time, much more detailed than can be obtained from traditional security systems (IDS / IPS, SIEM, etc.). Energent is able to implement the main market solutions to enable its clients to analyze network traffic, classify it, see what happens all the time, focusing the attention to the most critical contexts. This type of analysis allows to highlight immediately malware and allows the reconstruction of accidents suffered and establish responsibility (network forensic). To better address the need for data loss prevention, Energent is able to propose specific solutions.

Identity & Access Management

To ensure access to information and applications to a growing number of users without compromising the security and maintaining control of "who has access to what," is crucial, especially in organizations of significant size, the adoption of platforms for automated management identities and authorizations.

Energent Security has built its offer in IAM from a solid understanding of the authentication systems and platforms User Management & Provisioning gaining to be recognized by the market as one of the most reliable suppliers in this area, thanks to the experience gained the most widespread technologies, for customers of national importance.

The offer covers all aspects of 'identity and access management.

Identity Management: Users are managed centrally as well as the roles played in the organization. The role played by a user in the organization determines, according to the principles dell'RBAC (Role Based Access Control), the assignment of profiles of access to resources;

Approval workflow: access to resources is normally subject to an approval workflow, through which the request for activation are reviewed and approved by all entities involved in the process, and the verification of compliance with internal policies and the Separation of Duties (SoD);

User Provisioning: when requests are approved, the connectors perform automatic provisioning of users on the application, with access profiles corrected;

Web Access Control and Single Sign On: control access to applications and web portals is the effective implementation of the policies managed by the IAM system. These solutions also enable Web Access Control to manage the single sign-on to Web applications (access to all web applications with a single insertion of the first login credentials);

Audit & Compliance Management: features allow audits to verify compliance with access privileges also as a result of changes made directly on the target application and start the necessary remediation. Campaigns attestation for periodic verification of qualifications, are normally handled with specific functions of IAM platforms.