Service Performance & Business Service

How is possible to ensure an adequate performance in increasingly critical and complex business services, using new generation tools extremely intuitive and effective, and above all able to speak the language of business?

All the companies now recognize the critical value of their IT services, and the attention of all the CIO is focused on the challenges of the alignment of IT with business needs, innovation, ability to do more with fewer resources available, the need to offer a real and measurable value.

These challenges become much more complex when it refers to services and applications distributed or still more when we penetrate in the virtualization of the Cloud Computing, up to the dematerialization of services, applications and processes. The applications transformation, from monolithic objects to an aggregate set of distributed components, has made these services more agile and more functional than the dynamic nature of the business, but at the same time more complex to control.

"Energent Products Division" has the mission to help IT organizations to win their daily challenges by offering next-generation solutions tailored to the real needs of its customers, through partnerships with leading multinational companies in its sector.

Through the Service Performance Management, Energent supports its customers to:


  • Determine performance objectives related to the provision of IT services in all areas
  • Communicate to all stakeholders the levels of quality of services provided / perceived
  • Improve the visibility of services, and more precisely measure progress towards the objectives defined
  • Observe service level agreements (SLAs) aligned with the real needs of business
  • Monitor and assess the internal processes used for this purpose
  • Reduce waste and costs related
  • Improve end-user satisfaction
  • Create a culture of responsibility on all levels of the IT organization

This is the spirit that animates all our daily actions, securely anchored to the actual conditions of the present, but with an eye towards the future. The Energent's proposal is based on the use of innovative solutions of specific expertise within the SPM and BSM and employs specialistic team on the products as well as industry experts ITIL certified with many years of experience in ITSM.

The AppDynamics solution for Application Performance Monitoring

AppDynamics is the only next-generation solution that provides visibility into business transactions and effective support to the resolution of the problems.
AppDynamics has a scalability applicable to all types of infrastructure, including virtual and
cloud ones.

The Performance Guard-User Experience solution

To increase your company's productivity and enhance the services provided by IT is necessary that the same services are monitored through the point of view of the user. Performance Guard improves personal productivity, business competitiveness and maintains high and constant the level of performance of IT services.

Firescope solution for Business Service Management

In order to give an answer to the identified needs, Energent has established a partnership with Firescope, a leader in Business Service Management solutions.
Firescope BSM directs these needs with a solution that can aggregate technological and business metrics, obtainable from any source, to generate the necessary information to ensure the quality and reliability of services. Firescope deal with this in totally innovative and extremely fast ways because focused on parameters such as simplicity, aggregation and accessibility and because released of physical and virtual appliances.

These are the reasons that allow Firescope BSM to be the only Business Service Management  solution that can provide a concrete return of investment since the first day.  

The solution EGEnterprise for APM in physical, virtual or hybrid

On the one hand virtualization brings many well-established benefits,  but it is also true that the adoption of these architectures has produced new challenges in control and management areas.

In a "physical" enviroment a problem on a machine is more easily identifiable and it has anyway a limited impact.

In a "virtual" environment is much more difficult to identify the cause of a problem and especially
predict impacts.

Already during the provisioning of virtual machines it is possible to have mistakes that can have a serious impact on the operation of other virtual machines, compromising the performance of several applications and services with consequent disruption for the final users.

The objectives of agility and cost-effectiveness that characterize all IT organizations induce often the same to adopt more than one virtualization platform, further complicating the management challenge, because every platform is so different engineered from the others and it is equipped with its own dministrative tools, which require the adoption of a specific skill.

Energent Products Division supports its customers by offering a market leader solution such as EGEnterprise Monitoring of EGInnovations, which boasts certifications as VMware Ready and Citrix Ready and the support of as many as 7 virtualization technologies.

The solution is based on an exclusive monitoring technology that allows to obtain both an "external"  view of virtualized infrastructures, and an "internal" view. The view "external" allows you to keep a check on the resources managed by "Hypervisor" function to understand the use that the "virtual machine" are making of these resources.

Other hand, the "internal" view  provides a complete detail about the behavior of a single "virtual machine ", identifying if the applications that run on these machines are using the resources of the same. If the "external" view is able to provide an immediate perception of the level of operation of virtualized environments, the "internal" one instead provides an indispensable support for the activities of identification of the problems and their causes, as well as users are using virtualized applications.

The Business Value of SPM and BSM

  • It reduces the costs and risks of business thanks to its ability to aggregate in real-time all the events and metrics in dashboards services, supported by consistent and consolidated reporting functions.
  • Enables IT Operation to demonstrate the business value of their services by correlating technological metrics with business metrics, and represent SLA-based indicators both technological and business.
  • Improves communication with the Line of Business (LoB), highlighting the financial impact of events and metrics.
  • Optimizes the user experience through a representation of the infrastructure that considers levels of service actually provided.
  • Increase the ability to perform capacity planning at a strategic nature, centralizing all the IT reporting in a single graphical interface, intuitive and simple to use.
  • Maximizes accessibility to production systems managing the intervention and Troubleshooting activities on priority basis, driven by the criticality of the services and the business impact.