System & Network Management

Ensuring the availability and performance of the technological infrastructure, reducing the time of identifying, diagnosing and troubleshooting, and automating repetitive processes.

An initiative characterized by the know-how of monitoring tools specialized on specific key areas of systems and network management.

Planning, implementation and configuration of the tools for network management within the corporate infrastructure Using of the best strategies of the industry in business processes and methods of service delivery.
Installation and configuration management of the most popular products on the market for managing IT systems on different platforms.
Implementation of procedures for the recovery of the service's internal processes.
The solutions for network management are being tested and implemented in the infrastructure of the Group in order to create systems and services for monitoring and control of networks for verification and monitor security of servers and network devices commercially available.

Laboratory activities allow to perform simulations of complex situations before performance problems and security problems can be generated in the whole IT system.

Operation, monitoring of network systems through heterogeneous generation tools, designed to ensure complete availability of the network services, evaluating the impact of network devices disruption on business, until the Web browsing scenarios simulating the "user experience ".

Maintenance, analysis of performance of the existing network systems, identification of possible "bottlenecks", network systems inadequate or outdated and its updates are guaranteed thanks to tools and targeted advice, aimed at optimizing the network resources utilization especially in order to reduce operating costs for the same.