User Experience

"Energent Products Division" offers to the market a solution for monitoring the "User Experience", able to measure the IT services performance by the side of the final user. The IT systems performance are crucial for all types of business, and  the company's competitiveness is increasingly dependent on technological infrastructures performance. 
 In this context, the specific "weight" of the end-user is constantly growing and his experience in the use of these services determines the value that IT organizations are able to express within the companies.

Nowadays it is not enough to manage the infrastructure considering just the point of view of IT, but it is crucial to acquire the end-user's point of view, being able to monitor its actual experience in the use of business services delivered through technology infrastructure. To meet these needs, Energent offers the market a User Experience monitoring solution, able to measure the levels of service and performance of IT services, from the final user side.
This solution is based on the technology produced by AppDynamics company, partner of "Energent Products Division."
This solution uses innovative techniques to measure with a passive approach, all data concerning the activity and performance of the individual workstation to determine in real time the end-to-end business services performance.

The purpose is to increase the degree of satisfaction of the end user going to take proactive action on the bottleneck of IT systems, identifying those degrading situations that are beyond the traditional tools for monitoring systems. All this collected information are consolidated on a single structured database for enable the production of reports for the evaluation of quality of provided to the end user.

The solution proposed by "Energent Products Division" represents a different model of infrastructure management, made using the end-user perspective. In this way it is possible to isolate the "bottleneck" infrastructure that pose a threat to the company's business performance and end-user satisfaction.

Business Value

The ability to monitor applications and services that are critical from the perspective of the end user:


  • Improves the degree of proactivity of the IT organization on the issues critical
  • Ensure compliance with the agreed service levels with the end user
  • Increases end-user satisfaction
  • Enhance the business role of IT
  • Provides basic information for decision support capacity planning