Virtualization, Consolidation & Cloud

The Virtualization (in its various forms, up to the Private Cloud) is proving to be one of the largest "return on investment" IT project activities because it allows a significant reduction of business costs.

A project of this type must be performed by experienced technicians able to optimize the design even in light of the collateral management needs and  of the security. The certification in this area is a skill in itself, and are still rare IT professionals with a solid and practical experience in building and managing virtual infrastructures.

Energent offers specialized teams able to add to the knowledge of the most popular solutions on the market, the considerable experience in projects with leading Italian customers, and the constant practice in the testing of the most innovative virtualization solutions. In this context, the Group's offer consists of:

  • Experience in projects of Virtualization, certified specialists on the various platforms on the market
  • Ability to analyze existing IT infrastructure and plan a virtual infrastructure that is stable, efficient and flexible
  • Virtualization experts that can handle the technologies from multiple manufacturers
  • Approach to a more efficient use of resources in view of the reduction in the total number of servers required for a company
  • Project management of virtualization and implementation of activities for migration to P2V environments